ALIGN - High-altitude Acclimatisation Activities
ALIGN - High-altitude Acclimatisation Activities

Desert Bloom

Where: Leh Town, Ladakh
When: April to October
How long: 1 day
How much: Rs 1,350 per person; inclusdes special lunch platter, traditional tea tasting, cost of travel-journaling session with graphic designer and travel curator Nishita Mohta, guided walk through Leh Market or Central Asian Museum (as per traveller’s choice) and session introducing acclimatisation, medical safety and responsible tourism in Ladakh

What to expect:

‘Align’ has been designed as the perfect solution to the dilemma that travellers often face on their first day in Ladakh—what to do while allowing the body to acclimatise to the low oxygen levels and dry climate at 11,000 feet in Leh Town? To align both your body and mind to this new destination, Desert Bloom treats you to a wholesome lunch and all the inside knowledge about wellness precautions to be taken during your time here. This is followed by the Travel Journaling session, which is your perfect primer into the lifestyle and ecology of Ladakh. You are now ready to be a Responsible Traveller in Ladakh. After a tea-tasting session, you step out for a light acclimatisation walk guided by a travel facilitator, during which you explore the hidden lanes in the heart of Leh Town—the Main Bazaar.

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