Rawla Bisalpur
Rawla Bisalpur

Heritage homestay

Type of RT Operations: Homestay
Where: Bisalpur near Jawai, Rajasthan
More about the hotel: https://www.responsibletourismindia.com/stay/rawla-bisalpur/512

Why they claim they are Covid-ready:

1. The homestay has only four guest rooms and so can ensure small groups of guests and maintain social distancing.

2. All surfaces have been scientifically mapped and special emphasis is given to high touch surfaces, that are sanitised frequently using a high concentration of specialist sanitising agents.

3. Most areas of the hotel are equipped with hand sanitising and traditional washing stations.

4. Temperature scans are conducted for all visitors, family and staff entering the estate.

5. All guests need to provide details of their travel history for two weeks before arriving at the homestay.

6. Rooms are kept vacant for a minimum 48 hours between checkout and the next checkin. Rooms are deep cleaned and sanitised twice a day before a guest checks in. Linen is laundered and sterilised under the supervision of a trained specialist.